Inclusive education revolves around students – their strengths, challenges and potential as learners.  Inclusive education is about the participation, learning and success of all students within welcoming and supportive school communities.

In Nova Scotia we have reached a turning point. Key components for successful inclusive education such as funding, specialized supports, teacher training and interagency collaboration have failed to keep pace with student needs. Our goal as a Commission is to describe the problems and propose solutions.

In the months to come, the Commission will consult with students, parents, educators and other Nova Scotians to hear their suggestions for moving forward.

To be clear: we are not looking backward to past practices, or standing still within existing limitations, but working toward a new model of inclusive education that meets the needs of all students in a feasible and sustainable way.

Note: The Commission is aware that the report, its contents and in particular our process moving forward needs to be as inclusive as possible.  Over the coming weeks, we will ensure adaptations are added to the website which enable broader engagement and participation by those with visual and hearing impairments.